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The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences







Major Field


Distinguished Professor

Jui-Chu Lin

Ph.D., National Taipei University


Consumer Protection Law

Civil Law

Energy Technology Policies & Law in the Low Carbon Era

Internet and Law

Technology & Law

Distinguished Professor

Ying-Tai Chang

Ph.D., National Taiwan University

Chinese Literature

Popular Novels and Genre Movie Creativity

Modern Novels and Movie Culture

Associate Professor

Shu-Chu Chen

Ph.D., National Taiwan University

Chinese History

History and Culture

History and Life

Associate Professor and Chairperson

Shih-Hung You

Ph.D., National Chengchi University

Chinese Literature

Introduction to Audio-Visual Literature

Campus Writing and Imagined Community

Official Document for Public Officer Employment

Associate Professor

Jin-Hwei Su

Ph.D.,  University  of Northwestern, USA

Piano Performance

Music Appreciation

Society Movement in Relation to Music Development

Music Therapy and Mind Management

The Style and Form of Music

The World Musicians 

Associate Professor

Chin-Lan Huang

Ph.D., National Taiwan University

Cognitive Psychology

Social Cognitive

General Psychology

Cognitive Psychology

Positive Psychology and Self Transcendence

Associate Professor Wei-Chun    Wang Ph.D., University of Oregon, USA

Music Education

Choral and instrumental conducting

Music Psychology

Musical Cognition & Perception

Music Therapy

Performing Art

Musical Theatre

Cross-disciplinary Art Creation


Musical Theater


Vivid Choir


Musical Images in films


Musical Perception and Soundscape Creation

Assistant Professor

Pei-Ying Ho

Ph.D., Vienna University

Classical Greek thought

Feminist thought

Introduction to Feminism Classics

Philosophy and Life

Career Ethics

Beauty and Aesthetics

An Introduction to Greek Thought and Culture

Feminism and Equal Relationships between Men and Women