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About Us

    The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is the merge of the Department of Humanities and Department of General Education in February of 2010. The major mission of the department is to design curriculums in the study of Chinese culture and language, history, and general education for the entire university. The department provides a diverse range of courses for two and four-track students based on the existing schedules of our university.

    Our university is one focused on applied research, with the goal to equip students in the study and continued innovation of high technology and its management. This department is committed to creating well-rounded students as well, who are proficient in the humanities and are able to apply their social learnings to everyday life. Students are encouraged to understand technology as incorporated into society, and that it functions within the context of social studies and their personal growth.

    Our department currently has six full-time faculty members, including five full professors and one associate professors. We also have many part-time teachers as part of our staff.