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Course Title


Freshman Seminar in Chinese Expression


Expression and Literature


Expression and Classic


Creativity and Literature


Creativity and Classic


Reading and Expression


Classics and Creativity



2.General Education


General education courses are divided into 6 types from A to F.


Humanities and Thinking (A)

Contemporary Civilization(B)

Aesthetics and Life Wisdom(c)

Social Cultures and History(D)

Community and Relationships(E)

Nature Science and Life Science (F)

Philosophy and Life

Technology and Law

Digital Arts Design

Social Change in Taiwan


Medical Science and Life

The Origins of Human Civilizations

Service Science and Systems Thinking

Art and Mind

Practice of International Culture Exchange

Political Parties and Democratic Development

Drug and Health

Literature and Life


Appreciation of Arts

General Psychology

Consumer Protection Law

Food and Health

Gender and Life


Beauty and Aesthetics

Cognitive Psychology

Gender and Law

Environment and Ecology

Introduction to Feminism Classics


English Literary Masterpieces and Films

China and East Asia's Civilization

Internet and Law

Introduction to Natural Science

History and the Changes of Civilization


The Style and Form of Music

An Introduction to Greek Thought and Culture

Introduction to the Laws on Intellectual Property Rights


Introduction to Logical Thinking


Detective Feature Film Projects

Introduction to Social Sciences

Psychology and Life


Music Therapy and Mind Management


The Dodger Feature Film Projects

Visual Culture in Modern East Asia

Introduction to Management


History and Culture of Taiwan


The Art of Music Performance

The History of Taiwanese Civil Life

Civil Code


Music and Culture


Appreciation of The Red Chamber's Dream

Chinese History and Culture

Law and Life


Music Appreciation


Positive Thinking and Mental Health

Knowing Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Interpersonal Relationships





Taiwanese Folklore and Culture

Career Ethics





Modern China History and Cultural Creativity

Contemporary International Relations and Politics





The Politics, Culture and Revolution in Republic Chin

International Public Law





Hakka Language and Culture

Criminal Code





Maritime Archaeology and Maritime Civilization